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Community description:Fan community for Bleach -- the manga/anime series created by Kubo Tite.
[this userinfo is a work in progress. pardon our dust.]

Welcome to [community profile] bleach! This is a community for fans of Kubo Tite's manga series BLEACH as well a the anime series based on it. Not for fans of laundry detergent. Sorry.

What may I post here?
Theories, manga/anime discussion, fan fiction, icons, graphics, fanart, AMVs, FSTs, crack, merchandise -- almost anything. Just please display appropriate ratings, if applicable, and warn for any content you think might be deemed objectionable. And make sure you set the Adult Content level if your post contains any.

Cut These:
Spoilers (officially released manga is significantly behind online scanlations, so anything not yet in a tankoubon is a spoiler); NSFW (not safe for work) content; posts that have a scrollbar in Edit mode; fics longer than 100 words; large images; posts with more than 5 icons.

Lock These:
Posts discussing material that's only available via online scanlations; posts sharing download links (for music, anime eps, scanlations, whatever).

Constructive criticism is okay; flaming is not. You don't have to be nice, but you don't need to be a jackass, either.

Not Allowed:
Introduction posts. Comment here instead.
Any fan works you did not create (links to the original creator are fine). Yes, that means no doujins, please. The etiquette around them is too baffling. >.>
Character bashing. No one cares if you hate Tsubaki.
Requests for anything. This is [community profile] bleach, not Google.
Advertising anything not related to Bleach.
Making more than one post in a day.
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