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Inspired by all the rain/water/sky imagery in Ishida and Orihime's poems. And maybe Project Runway.

Preview: (link to deviantART)

Or here at my journal:
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Here at my journal:

Hopefully I'll make another post when I've colored this...?
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Tell me it's not true. Please let me wake up in the morning and this will all turn out to be a bad dream...
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So, I finally got around to writing down all the thoughts about aging in Soul Society that have been bouncing and building for a year or two.

( This way to the meta, also with spoilers of course )
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  Proof that they'll publish anything these days. I am so disgusted I can hardly type.

Gene Simmons' son Plagiarizing Bleach

Very informative post and still growing. Do everything you can to contact the parties involved (publishers' contact info contained in the post; if anyone is proficient in Japanese, this is a golden opportunity to contact Shueisha, Inc via telephone or mail!), spread the word, or help find more images and overlays.

It doesn't matter if you love or hate Bleach, or even if you read manga. This is a violation of artist's rights in the basest and most blatant form. I'm asking everyone in this community to repost this simple message:

Boycott Incarnate by Nick Simmons. Do not support this kind of depravity with your money.

All info via [ profile] bleachness
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...respectfully recommend the following fanfic?

"Look," Rukia said with weary patience, "vampires don't exist. They are merely a cultural metaphor for the existence of Hollows, attempting to put a human face on an inhuman hunger --"

"She's right," Renji agreed.

"And besides, I was reading that book of Inoue's and it says it's all about a cultural metaphor for sex. All that sucking and licking and exchanging bodily fluids and ripping open bodices and dark cruel splendour and --"

"What book?" Renji asked with interest.

Rukia kicked him in the side of the head. "Will you kindly stop interrupting! Anyhow. There are no vampires, Ichigo. Right?"

"So when the very human-looking Hollow started groaning, "Blood! Blood!" and tried to bite you in the neck?" Ichigo inquired. "That was just --"

"Weird Hollow behaviour," Rukia stated through gritted teeth. "It happens."

from Night of the Vampire by [ profile] incandescens, who is officially my favorite Bleach humorist.
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Title: Memory as a Fever
Pairing: Byakuya x Rukia
Fandom: Bleach
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 675

He can interchange them without thinking. Memory is a consuming deception.
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If you would like to introduce yourself, please post a comment here using the form below. Well, you don't have to use the form, but since it's there. >.> Provide as much or as little information as you want!

if you have suggestions for other questions to put into the form, please share them! I'm bad at this kind of thing.


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